About " Dinosaur kingdom Nakazato"

The footprint of the dinosaur was discovered for the first time in Japan in Nakasato-mura, Tano-gun, Gumma-ken on the 3rd in April per year in 1985 (Showa 60).
Taking advantage of this large discovery, the village founded the dinosaur kingdom for revival.

The dinosaur center of the main institutions in a dinosaur kingdom and Nakazato-mura opened in 1987 (Showa 62).
Nakazato-mura and Mamba-machi merged on April 1 (Heisei 15), 2003, and it became "Kanna-machi", as a result, it becameand "dinosaur kingdom Nakazato."

Introduction of a dinosaur center

Thank you very much for coming to the homepage of a dinosaur center.
From now on, introduction of this center will be carried out.

The dinosaur center is divided into the main building and the annex. Outdoor exhibition (frame of tyrannosaurus) is between it.

The main building and the annex are divided into nine zones for every theme. A dinosaur center is very interesting. Then, it introduces for every zone.

Location Outline

The outline of institutions

opening time: 09:00 ~ 17:00 (however, admission -- up to 16:30) 

Closure day: Monday (it is the next day in the case of a public holiday or a substitute holiday) 

admission fee:
adult:600 yen
child (elementary and junior high school students):300 yen 

Group-reduction (20 or more persons)
adult: 550 yen,
child (elementary and junior high school students):250 yen 

Address: 51-2, Kamigahara, Kannamachi, Tano-gun, Gumma-ken, 370-1602   TEL:027458-2829  FAX:0274-58-2088




The fossil of a footprint draws your interest.
Welcome to dinosaur kingdom!
The footprint of iguanodons and the humerus of an apatosaur are exhibited.


Let's investigate a fossil and a stratum and imagine old environment.
The backbone fossil etc. of the dinosaur discovered by the beginning from Nakazato-mura in 1981 are exhibited.


You can see the live theater of this center.
It is a time slip to the age of the dinosaurs! The ecology of surprise to dinosaurs is reproduced dramatically at a robot theater.


The fossil of the dinosaur of the United States or Brazil and a pterosaur is exhibited.
The fossil etc. which were discovered from the stratum of Late Cretaceous Period are exhibited.


The fossil of the aquatic life which was useful in the same time as a dinosaur is exhibited.
Huge fishes over 2 m discovered from the stratum of Late Cretaceous Period of a U.S. Wyoming state, etc.


Kanna-machi which is a treasury of the fossil of the age of the dinosaurs.
A specimen and a panel explain the precious fossil discovered so far.


The dinosaur fossil which came to the center from Mongolian.
Mutually become entangled, it was involved in the sandstorm and became a fossil.


From a dinosaur to a bird
In order to investigate the evolutive process, the specimen of a feathers dinosaur and primitive birds is compared.


The fossil of an ammonite or a shellfish is confined by the beautiful slate.

Fframe of tyrannosaurus

The skeletal preparations of tyrannosaurus were created based on a specimen called MOR555 collected by the Rockies museum in the United States. 

Guidance into a dining-room

A big dining-room is located in a dinosaur center.
A table seat is 20 seats and, as for the number of drawing rooms, seating accommodation is 56.

Since tea is self-service, please use also as a picnic shelter place.
In the dining-room here, the buckwheat noodles from domestic are ground with a stone mortar, and just made "buckwheat noodles" is offered.
Please come.